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Our members are saying...

Affordable, Quality, and Discrete 

Cali Care Collective – San Marcos / Escondido Only had one complaint and its so minor it isn’t even worth typing out. what matters is the meds were great quality (i asked for a suggestion,  and it ended up being sweet) and the delivery was discrete. I will order again.

C3 Member

The best place to get ounces!!

Cali Care Collective – San Marcos / Escondido The quality on the ounces for the price is great herbs are gasy and cured right. first time patient he hooked me up with a nice bag of goodies and they have return patient rewards great place will definitely order from them again.

C3 Member

This spot is my Fav 

Cali Care Collective – San Marcos / Escondido This is always my go to when I need some good buds. Always friendly tried  there sugar cookies last week #BomB I loved it. Calling my #1 delivery right now lol.

C3 Member

Awesome Place!

Cali Care Collective – San Marcos / Escondido Very professional when placing order, they know the menu well and are always able to answer any questions about it. Fast delivery and the flower was fire! I got the King Larry and it was awesome. Definitely recommending and calling them again.

C3 Member

Best balance of quality and price!

Cali care has the best balance of quality and price of any dispensary I’ve used. I’ve had multiple great experiences with them. Always great weed, always good deals and convenient. These guys are nice and make it easy. They even take credit cards so I don’t have to run to the ATM. I would highly recommend trying them out.

C3 Member

CBD! Cali Care Collective

CBD! Cali Care Collective – San Marcos / Escondido I recently bought the CBD woof it for my dog because he has bad hips and his back legs shake. It’s amazing how well they help him and take the pain away, I give him 2 a day and the only times I see his legs shaking are just before he needs another treat. They work great for him and I would recommend it to any dog owner. The staff helped me choose this treatment for him and I think they led me to make the right decision.

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Great for people who struggle to get to sleep, indicas produce very sedative effects. Indica smokers often feel sleepy, relaxed, and have a strong desire to eat.





Typically used during the daytime, our sativa flowers will energize you with their strong cerebral effects. Many cannabis lovers choose sativa when they’re looking for an uplifting and for feeling a little creative.

Head Changing



We select the very best organic sativa and indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both flowers.


Wax, Shatter, Sauce




The most important distinction to make between cannabis flowers and concentrates is potency. While bud potency tends to range between 10-25% THC, a concentrate typically falls between 50-80% though some exceptional extracts can even push past 90%

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