Lemonade Live Resin Sauce 1g – Apex – Sativa

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Lemonade is a cross of a Lemon Skunk mother and a Sour father and naturally reeks of tart lemons and pumped gas. This uplifting strain has a large stature and is known for providing daytime relief. Apex Labs provides a terpene-rich concentrate created by extracting the cannabis plant that has been immediately frozen after harvest. This can only be done in scientific laboratories with specialized equipment where the plant is cryogenically frozen. Our process of plant freezing captures the living plant resin, rendering the fullest potency of the plants terpene content and potency. Because much of the plant loses a significant potency during its curing process (drying), this new freezing method will capture the highest possible potential for medicinal effect including a stronger psychoactive effect and medicinal benefits of other cannabinoids among THC and pain relieving properties. In accordance with the Ca Health and Safety Code 1362.5 SB-420 Compliant SB-94 Compliant

STAVIA: 100%  THC: 0.85%  THCA: 0.85%  CBD: 0.2%  

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